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Castel Giorgio: a window on the lake of Bolsena
Few footsteps from the lake of Bolsena, on the summit of the highland of the Alfina, rises Castel Giorgio, in a territory rich in oaks and chestnut trees, in the beautiful wooded vegetation that has constituted important part of the income of numerous local families up to last century. As big part of the communes of the territory of Orvieto, also in Castel Giorgio have been recovered Etruscan precious finds that puts the origin of the installation around the VI century B.C. The development of the inhabited centre only had however been in a recent epoch, and precisely around the XV century, when Giorgio della Rovere, bishop of Orvieto, chose these places as destination of vacation. It rose so a monumental castle, the Palazzo Vescovile, around which a certain number of residences was set. A further impulse to the development came in the XX century from the construction of the military airport, to which is owed the construction of various sporting structures and particularly the National Technical Centre of the American football.

The main tourist destination of Castel Giorgio remains however the mighty Palazzo Vescovile, a noble and austere building, from the simple and essential lines.
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