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Cannara, the earth of the Onion
The particular composition of the ground and the historical country vocation have delivered an agricultural product of first floor: the onion of Cannara

Ploughed by the river Topino the city of Cannara owes big part of its prestige to the refined agricultural production that countersigns it. The surrounding country enjoys entirely of favourable conditions for the cultivation of the savoury bulb of the onion, become during times a typical product of the territory of Cannara. The ground has the ideal features for its cultivation, with a clayey and sandy composition, rich of silica, porous and able to sufficiently drain the water of passage. This allows a good hydration but not the stagnation of the water, harmful for the onion. All this thanks to the natural historical vocation of Cannara for the cultivation of the onion, and a particular variety or autochthonous typology, the fame and the celebrity of the product, whose name linked to the city name. It doesn't exist in fact a local variety of onion, it only exists the '' Onions of Cannara '', which distinguish from the others similar for the favourable conditions of which they enjoy and for the secular care that the agriculturists devote to its cultivation. The city tradition has been very tied up to this typical product, and today is still possible to assist to the binding of the onions in the typical '' trecce '' or '' mazzocchi '', according to the uses that country civilization has handed down. The climate, the environment and the ground deliver us so an excellent onion, to taste cooked in various dishes typical and traditional that Umbrian kitchen has pointed out.
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