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Bettona: the ancient terrace of Umbria
Bettona, a small medieval suburb leaned out on Umbria

Who goes to Bettona will never be fed up to look everything, thanks to so many wonder that it offers to the visitor. The handles of the road that conduct above the hill where Bettona rises, already point out us the nature of the urban composition, made of solid boundaries to protect a suburb as the ancient Umbrian Etruscan origins. The traces of his ancient past are notable, starting from the boundaries themselves, in a lot of sides erected above and close to the enormous stones of clear Etruscan ancestry. Various archaeological finds and a splendid grave, stay to strengthen this ancient Etruscan nature of the IV century B.C.

Another important place is Bettona, coming from a less distant past, when Umbria furnished a high-class course to the Renaissance. To illuminate the scene '' Madonna of Mercy '', work of the Perugino preserved in the Pinacoteca Comunale, prepared in the Palazzotto del Podestà built in 1371.

Making the turn of the boundaries Bettona discloses completely its enchantment, when it's noticed that from its balcony opens a sight that makes wide open the eyes. With a blink from up there, it's possible to dominate the whole underlying lowland extending up to reach Perugia, Assisi, Spello and the Mount Subasio, embracing with a look all the wonder that Umbria can offer. The enjoyable panorama is not second to anything. The eyes contemplate without laying every gradation of green, the cultivated fields and the activity of the underlying countries, the slopes of the hills and the mountains that delimit the border, reaching the near cities of Perugia, Assisi and Spello, which allows to admire so near that seems almost to be able to touch them.
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