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The Umbrian Fair of Bastia Umbra
All the vitality of an economic asset centre in the slopes of the Subasio

Bastia Umbra distinguishes from every other surrounding country and above all from the near cities of Assisi, Spello and Perugia, for the different character of its activity. It rises on the lowland underlying the hill of Assisi, and it is a sparkle economic commerce centre devoted to the industry, the agriculture and the craftsmanship. Like an antechamber of Assisi, it constitutes almost the natural complement of it, valorising to the best the material aspects of the human industriousness. The main features that has made Bastia Umbra famous in Italy and in the world is its prestigious Fair Center '' Umbriafiere '', where periodically take place appointments, conferences, exposures and fairs of national and international importance. This fair vocation has distant traditions, that in 1581 in Bastia, begun to have an important fair that recalled vast crowds from the whole surrounding territory. Bastia has maintained faith to this ancient tradition, as vital and modern economic Umbrian fulcrum.
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Near Bastia Umbra, in Costano, the first roast pig of St.Francis - In Costano is produced the famous roast pig, the "Porchetta di Costano" (Costano's roast pig), a typical gastronomic product of the zone, whose working si... Bastia_Umbra_country_houses
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