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Baschi: a suburb on the Tiber river
The ''sentinel of the Tiber'', an enchanting suburb controlling the ancient river

Medieval suburb from the very picturesque aspect, Baschi dominates from the high of its valley the course of the Tiber river. The inseparable connection established with the river street is testified by the continuity between the river and the streets of the country, realised with pebbles withdrawn from the Tiber bed as its ideal prosecution. The narrow streets, the alleys and the characteristic ones '' holes '', tangle of arcs and streets often without exit, they seem narrow handles that cross houses, churches and buildings, escaping from the city to continue somewhere else the really course.

The image of Baschi is linked to the splendid St. Nicolò Church and its Bell tower, city icon from the rare visual impact. With its profile it draws the landscape in a unique and unmistakable way. Baschi has maintained a depth bond with the medieval past, both in the aspect of the whole, and in the single residences and buildings, preserving fully the respect of the harmony of the surrounding landscape.

There are many places of interest that attract more and more tourists, pushed by the numerous resources that this territory offers. An uncontaminated nature nearly manifests all of its beauty, showing itself in all of its colours and tones. For a long time appreciated by the great public it's the area of the lake of Corbara, an artificial vase created in the years '60 and become by now a splendid element of the panorama. The whole surrounding zone has been inserted in the Tiber River Park, with the purpose to protect and to preserve this zone of great environmental value and the immense patrimony of fauna and vegetation.

The visitor can choose among several itineraries, that foresee long walks and excursions to naturalistic and environmental background, or tours that privileges sites of historical, artistic and archaeological interest in a territory that has a lot to offer.
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