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Avigliano Umbro: a young commune aged million of years
Avigliano is the youngest commune in Umbria, but in its territory there's the forest fossil, a testimony that goes back to around 3 million years

Avigliano become town territory only beginning from 1975, thanks to the separation from Montecastrilli. It has a very ancient history, that begins around the XIII century, when suffered several looting from commanders and captains of fortune. More times destroyed and almost razed to the ground, today it's completely restructured and able to make appreciate all its pearls.

The accesses to the city centre is through the Porta Vecchia, displaced at south of the inhabited area on which is located the coat of arms of the city of Todi, for a long time influential in the life of the suburb.

Besides it is very nice to see the small theatre, city pride built in the first halves the '900, with a beautiful façade in liberty style.

Numerous buildings of great historical and artistic value are disseminated in the surrounding territory and in the countries, among which they deserve to be remembered the Fortezza di Dunarobba, at less than three kilometres from Avigliano. A little bit more distant is found the Fortezza di Sismano, of ownership of the principles Corsini and the Romanesque church of Sant'Egidio.

The main attraction of Avigliano is still however the suggestive Forest Fossil.
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The Forest Fossil of Avigliano Umbro - In the last decades of the '900, near Dunarobba, just in the middle of a clay quarry, were brought to the light the first trunks of what today is note as the For... Avigliano_Umbro_country_houses
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