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The suburb of Arrone
Arrone is a small suburb that preserves in its more ancient part the native medieval order. It rose around the end of the IX century for work of the noble Roman named Arrone, who decided to build on a light rocky high ground one fortitude that became the actual village. This first nucleus, edged from well preserved boundaries and towers, is today called La Terra. Immediately outside, that part of city bloomed out from the immediate centre, takes the name of Santa Maria. The rest of the city of Arrone is constituted by the recent residences that occupied the plain stretched in direction of Valnerina.

The most characteristic and picturesque part is without doubt La Terra, which maintains intact its medieval urban plant. You can enter there crossing a door with ogival arc of Gothic inspiration, as well Gothic as the San Giovanni Church, inside which can be admired suggestive frescos as the valuable Crucifixion.

The external part of the nucleus encircled by the boundaries, rotates around the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, a simple but elegant building, refined and embellished by numerous sixteenth-century frescos attributed to Vincenzo Tamagni and Giovanni da Spoleto. Follow than the seven-century ones, as the Madonna of the Rosary of Giuseppe Bastiani, the Supper at Emmaus and the Madonna of Mercy.

As the most greater part of the communes of the Valnerina, also Arrone possesses, as sign of strength, the beauty of its natural environment, its green valleys, pleasant and luxuriant woods. There is then the course of the river Nera, long which is possible to practise every kind of river sports activity. In fact there is an operational equipped Canoe Centre, that allows to cover the course of Nera tasting the emotion to ride its waters and its rapids in full safety and with fun.

The morphology of the territory makes it proper for excursions and climbs along the numerous rocky walls, accompanied by the competent teachers of the Rock School.

Sport, history and nature are linked in this absorbed heaven of Valnerina, one of the most characteristic places in Umbria and Italy, to give a vacation rich of emotions, or the most complete relax, in contact with the nature in an intact and healthy environment.
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