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The city of Amelia
Ancient and mysterious city, Amelia possesses a secret charm that cannot escape the tourist. It was founded in 1134 B.C. becoming soon an important centre, as show the imposing boundaries built to defence, the Mura Poligonali (Polygonal boundaries), create for protecting the part exposed to south of the city. They are dated around the V century B.C. and they extend for a perimeter of about 800 meters. For another line the Mura Megalitiche (Megalithic boundaries) extend, still today stable and compact, even more ancient of the preceding ones, built in the centuries VIII-VII B.C. These are enormous overlapped blocks, irregular and not smoothed, realized with local stone.

The boundaries protect the treasures of Amelia, a marvellous city inserted in an entire and native landscape, that opens wide at the end of valleys and verdant hills followed one another, a true portrait of clear and variegated panorama. Uncontaminated places and fairy sceneries alternate each other in the outskirts of Amelia, as for instance the natural show of the river Rio Grande, that flows crossing all the territory of Amelia, turning itself into the proximities of the city in the Lago Vecchio, because of the obstruction of the dike La Para. Consequently is formed so an enchanting lake basin, surrounded by luxuriant woods, becoming a constant destination of serene walks, open-air trips, interesting excursions and wanted from the lovers of the fishing. The whole area is equipped at best and offers the possibility to rent boats, thanks to which, with some fortune, it's possible to see the stately heron or the wild duck. Here the nature is expressed showing pieces appreciated of its repertoire, among rocky walls and the best expressions of the flora and the fauna typical of the Umbrian Appennino.

In the outskirtses of Amelia there's another place famous for the environment's beauty, this is the Park La Cavallerizza, where absorbed in the holm-oaks, is possible to organize pleasant picnics, and relaxing walks.
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Amelia: The Palio of the Columbiums - The Palio dei Colombi is the historical commemoration of a real medieval tournament. It takes place in August, when the five neighbourhoods of Amelia, Collis,... Amelia_country_houses
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