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Alviano, the oasis and the Fortress
Alviano is a nice suburb of medieval origin, castled on a hill to watch the valley of the Tiber. Typical element of its landscape is certainly its Fortress, a strengthened castle wanted in 1495 from Bartolomeo of Alviano, an illustrious captain of fortune very known in the Renaissance and connected to the stories of the family Orsini. It's an imposing quadrangular structure, whose perimeter is delimited by mighty cylindrical towers. A magnificent portal introduces in the ample rooms and, in the inside courtyard, a garden edged by round arches. Currently the castle entertains the Townhall, a Museum of Modern art and the Centre Audiovisual Documentation of the oasis of Alviano, an equipped and modern conference centre. Besides it's also centre of the Country Civilization Museum. Recently has been inaugurated a permanent Captani Ventura Centre of Studies.

Alviano is the right place for a relaxing vacation and dense of moments of great interest, where besides the a various cultural initiatives that depart from the Fortress, is added an environmental patrimony of great beauty, especially the Naturalistic oasis managed by the WWF.
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The Naturalistic oasis of Alviano - The oasis takes shape to Alviano, beginning from the end of the years '60, when the dike on the Tiber river contributed to the creation of the lake that today recal... Alviano_country_houses
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