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Allerona, a vacation among the nature
Allerona is a splendid suburb, placed in panoramic position behind a hill and surrounded by an abundant and rich vegetation. The territory was already lived also in Roman epoch, but the city plant strongly reflects the medieval past, of which various testimonies remains both in the city centre, and in the immediate proximities of Allerona. The suburb rises where once was built the Lerona Castle, built in 1275 when Orvieto decided to strengthen the surrounding hills in defensive operation.

The tourist will be absorbed in an ancient and fascinating climate, among places of undisputed artistic value and from the remarkable architectural merit. About the native Castle of Lerona remains only the two doors of access: Porta del Sole and Porta della Luna, and also ample boundaries.

Outside the suburb, in a border zone among Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, there are the parks of the Selva di Meana and Villalba, two very appreciated places, destination of thousand of visitors that remains fascinated from the environmental and natural beauties contained in them. These are wide wooded areas, endowed with every sort of equipment for excursions, walk, tours and picnic, not only in the summer period, but in the whole year. Inside the Selva di Meana is possible to admire the precious Villa Cahen, in perfect Liberty style, surrounded by fairy gardens. Everyone who is looking for a calm place where to spend long periods of vacation, in a place in harmony with the nature, is welcome to Allerona. Thanks to the wide range of offered services, it's also possible to program shorter vacations, even a weekend, inserting Allerona in an itinerary that necessarily foresees a visit to the near Orvieto. Thanks to good connections with the main Umbrian and Tuscans cities of art, it will be very simple to reach Spoleto, Foligno, Assisi, Arezzo, Cortona and Siena, each of them within about ten kilometres.
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Allerona friend of Heart, a ''Cardio-protected'' city - Allerona hosts the project Cardio-protected City, an initiative botrn to furnish a net of timely and capillary help to who is struck by cardiac arrest. It's an event that ... Allerona_country_houses
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