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Acquasparta, the '' source of wellness ''
A visit in the city of the mineral waters, the health's source from the Middle Ages up to today

The first certain historical information on the city of Acquasparta are dated around the X century, when the emperor Ottone I of Saxony gave in feud the surrounding earths to the powerful count Arnolfo, from who departed the impulse for the construction of the two abbeys: S. Barbara and S. Niclolò, the nucleus around which the first housing installations were developed.

But the fame of its name is linked since the antiquity to the beneficent and curative features of the mineral waters that abundantly spring from the sources of Amerino and Furapane. The presence of thermal sources, organised in well equipped centres, makes of Acquasparta the ideal place for a period of vacation in the name of serenity and comfort.

The history of the city so connected to its sources, since the origins, when illustrious characters chose to shelter themselves to Acquasparta benefitting of its waters. The same made St. Francis, in 1215, when he had the opportunity of drawing some relief for his unsteady health, taking care of himself with the water of the thermal baths. Structural interventions and improvements were brought then by Federico Cesi the founder of the Lincei Academy.

Numerous studies have revealed that the curative prorpieties of Acquasparta sources derive from its lightness, from the elevated diuretic power and particularly suitable in the therapy of urinary troubles, arthritis, gout and for urinary infections in general.
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Federico Cesi and the academy of the Lincei of Acquasparta - The presence of the family Cesi at Acquasparta coincides with the period of its maximum shine, symbolically represented from the marvellous Cesi Palace, ... Acquasparta_country_houses
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