Territory of Valnerina

Territory of Valnerina

Territory of Valnerina


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The Valnerina, the soul of Umbria
The part of Umbria, which is crossed by the river Nera, is one of its most unpolluted and charming places. The Valnerina presents itself as a succession of valleys, hills and mountains that follow the course of the river, close to which are villages of rare beauty.

The natural surroundings have kept unaltered their original characteristics, because man’s hand bringing progress has been very cautious in order to not disturb the centuries-old balance.

The charm released by this panorama impresses every year thousands of visitors, who are attracted by this mysterious area that can offer much more than just one interesting suggestion.

The Valnerina is a land of mystics, of saints worshipped by the religiosity of the people like Santa Rita da Cascia or San Benedetto da Norcia, one of the most important personalities who had decisive influence on the development of the Roman Catholic Church.

The local gastronomy is varied and rich of high quality products, which due to their genuineness and the particular processing developed in centuries-old experience, are highly appreciated.

The forests and mountains offer shelter for wonderful villages among which stand out for their grace and their good state of conservation Norcia and Vallo di Nera, both of them members of the association “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia'', which unites the most beautiful villages of Italy. They are two gorgeous medieval towns with antique castles surrounded by walls and endowed with towers, Romanesque churches and fortified buildings like the Castellina at Norcia or the Chiesa di Santa Maria at Vallo di Nera.
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