Routes through landscape and nature in the Valnerina

Routes through landscape and nature in the Valnerina

Territory of Valnerina


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Territory of Valnerina
Routes through landscape and nature in the Valnerina

The Valnerina has a large stock of really fantastic sceneries.

The valley where the river Nera flows forms the whole surrounding area by alternating wonderful valleys, forests and calcareous gorges. But with this wonderful natural frame the scenic potential of the Valnerina doesn’t run out yet.

In the immediate neighbourhood of Norcia extend the “marcite'', irrigated and frequently mowed fields which, thanks to the expert work of the people who have learned over the time to dam and to channel the water coming to light on the grassy mantle, yield up to ten hay crops a year.

Right outside the valley of the Nera, not far from Norcia, spread out the spectacular Piani di Castelluccio, immense plateaus of tectonic and karstic origins, which rise up to 1500 meters in height. The plateaus are cultivated in spring and offer very charming views due to their characteristic carpets of flowers, the "fiorita'', which fill the plateaus brightly with all the colours of the rainbow.

These sceneries are only a hint to other really fantastic experiences of nature which the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini offers, an enormous reserve at the foot of the Monte Vettore and the Monte Sibilla, both of them peaks that rise over 2000 meters in height.
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