Territory of Tuderte

Territory of Tuderte

Territory of Tuderte


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The charm of the millennia in the territory of Todi
The legend narrates that around two thousand of years before the birth of Christ, during the foundation of the city of Todi, an eagle allowed to fall above the top of a mountain a piece of cloth that was holding among the claws. Considering it as a good wish, the new city should have risen exactly in that point. Never to contradict the auspices. Now it’s easy to say that the choice was impeccable, thanks to the results.

Historical itinerary in the territory of Todi

The Middle Ages, as it happens for most of other Umbrian realities, gave an important architecture to the cities. Piazza del Popolo is practically an encyclopaedia of the Middle Ages, a true city monument to the own history and its past. Palazzo dei Priori, the Cattedrale, the Palazzo del Popolo and Palazzo del Capitano, constitute an unique complex at world. But the charm of Todi isn’t exclusively thanks to its single buildings, but in the whole picture that can be gathered walking along the streets and out of the boundaries. But not only in Todi there are traces of the past. The history has disseminated tangible signs of its presence on the whole surrounding territory. Near Massa Martana, for instance, you can walk on an ancient artery, the consular Via Flaminia built in the 220 B.C. to furnish a suitable connection between the cities of Rimini and Rome. In the whole surrounding zone you can admire the works that served to its realization as the Ponte Fonnaia or other Roman sites (Carsulae and the Christian Catacombs), that denote the importance that assumed the strip of earth in the near of the communication street.

There is then another history to tell, the one about Monte Castello di Vibio, a small medieval centre inside which there’s an architectural bonbonničre, the Teatro della Concordia, the smallest theatre of the world.
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