Oenological gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Todi

Oenological gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Todi

Territory of Tuderte


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Territory of Tuderte
Oenological gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Todi

Todi and Marsciano associated to other Umbrian common creating the ''the Road of Wines of the Cantico'', an itinerary that connects the excellence zones of wine production. The spirit that animates the itinerary is to allow the visitor to fully enjoy some immense, historical, oenological and gastronomic qualities. The '' Road of Wines of Hymn '' collects the vast territories of Umbria where it is possible to find delicious suburbs, spellbound panoramas and the best results of the local gastronomy.
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The charm of the millennia in the territory of Todi - The legend narrates that around two thousand of years before the birth of Christ, during the foundation of the city of Todi, an eagle allowed to fall abo... Oenological_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Todi_culture
Oenological_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Todi_country_houses Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment of the territory of Todi - In the district of Todi every single commune is equipped with environmental itineraries, practicable afoot, in bicycle or in horse, to allow the visitors to app... Oenological_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Todi_hotels
Oenological_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Todi_hotel Itineraries of the handicraft in the district of Todi - In Marsciano it’s possible to follow an itinerary that cross the traces of its ancient vocation, of the workmanship of the bricks, already attested... Oenological_gastronomic_itineraries_in_the_territory_of_Todi_bed_and_breakfast
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