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The first Museum of the Civilisation of the Olive of Trevi

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As every work of art, even the oil of Trevi has its museum found in the Complesso Museale of St. Francis, where has been realised for the first time in Italy and in Europe a permanent public show about oil and the olive. The museum has been conceived dividing the exposition spaces in four different sections, where there are parts related to the botany and devotes to the knowledge of the oil and the olive, passing then to the symbolic aspects of the olive, particularly those about the peace, finishing with the history of the olive. Inside the museum there are various experiences linked to the oil that can be consumed. It's possible to taste various typologies of oil to understand its differences, printing recipes prepared by famous chefs that exalt its taste, or to verify the characteristic Royal of the oil sectioning in the chemical laboratory.

Besides, the show exposes different archaeological finds linked to the civilisation of the oil.

Whoever was curious and has the wish to explore in less superficial way the themes of the culture of this plant, the olive, and of this product, the oil, so diffused in Umbria and in the whole peninsula, cannot avoid to visit the Museum of the Civilisation of Trevi Olive, precious point of reference for the close examination of themes that escape from the simple local gastronomic culture.  
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