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The oil and Olive Museum of Torgiano

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The museum devoted to the cultivation of the olive and the production of the oil, was born in recent epoch, in spring 2000, to celebrate another of the gastronomic excellencies of the territory of Torgiano.   The exposure has been prepared inside an ancient crusher that, up to few years ago, it was still completely functioning, and currently turned to centre of the museum.   You passe through a complete review of all the thematic tied up to the history of the olive culture, from the origins to the modern techniques of pruning, crushing and pressing of the olives.   The tied up mythological aspects to the symbol of the olive are not skipped, not even the plant sacred to the athens, gift of the goddess Athena and used in the classical age in the temples and in the sacred ceremonies.   They complete the show the figurative representations to the plant that has embodied the maximum ideal values of the humanity more than every other, accompanying sculptural, painters and artists in a lot of their representations.
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