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The prestigious wine of Torgiano has recently obtained the aspired label of wine DOCG, the Denomination of Checked and Guaranteed origin, so is officially recognised the elevated quality of the wines produced by the cultivated grapes in the commune of Torgiano.   The disciplinary that it regulates its production delimits the zone DOCG exclusively identifying it with the cultivated grounds inside the commune of Torgiano.   The grapes admitted for the Torgiano Rosso Riserva are those of the vine Sangiovese, that has to be wine-made in purity or in non inferior percentages to 30%, filling the difference with other berry grapes red fit to the production, cultivated always inside the commune of Perugia.   The natural minimum alcohol metre title of the Torgiano Rosso Riserva has to be at least 12%, and the process of refinement cannot be inferior of three years. The ageing foresees besides that at least six, of the thirty-six general months, the wine rests in the bottles.  It has a colour red ruby, is delicate and harmonic. It's commonly defined as a wine for every meal, but it is particularly recommended for accompanying home-done pasta, and game. 
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