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The landscape of Terni, between the Marmore Waterfalls and the lake of Piediluco

The territory of Terni introduces to the visitor a dense place of excellencies, where the nature appears in all of its shine and in all of its power. It is an example the Marmore Waterfalls, real national monument, distant only 7 kilometres from Terni.

It was artificially created in the 271 B.C., as part of an ample project of reclamation operated by the Roman consul Manlio Curio Dentato, because the calcareous deposits of the waters of the Velino river prevented the confluence of the Nera one, causing frequent swamps. A channel was dug for allowing the draining of some waters falling from the tallest point of the embankment of the Marmore. The problem was not definitely resolved never, delivering however a natural show that has captured the imagination of writers, painters, poets and novelists during the centuries to the whole world, as well as of million of visitors.

The waters of the river Velino complete since then a prodigious leap, crossing a general gradient of around 165 meters before throwing in the river bed of the Nera, describing games of water and light of unbelievable beauty.

Reaching the Marmore Waterfalls is possible to visit them in all their beauty and to observe following the proposed itineraries, which allow its vision from different points of view. The inferior Square allows to observe from the lower part the enormous throw of water and to follow it in the three leaps that it completes before finding again its quiet meeting in the waters of the Nera. Otherwise is possible to climb up to the superior Belvedere, which is accessed by the Park Campacci di Marmore, a spur to precipice on the first and taller jump of the fall, from where is possible to admire closer its charm.

Without paying an additional price it's possible to subsequently draw near to the fall besides, crossing the excursion paths that practically allows to enter '' inside '' the waterfall. A series of itineraries connect the awry part to valley, giving an unforgettable experience. To half road is found the famous Balcony of the lovers, a belvedere that sticks out in the middle jump of the river, where is possible to enjoy a suggestive sight. It's specially on this point that the power of this show of the nature can be appreciated. The din of the fall resembles a lot to the voice that originates from the uvula of the nature, a powerful and sovereign voice that will ever stop bewitching who has the fortune to assist to its concert.

As known the enormous water basin is exploited for energy production. So for this, the fall is closed some days at week. Beginning from 1954 has been arranged an opening that foresees the full functionality of the Marmore Waterfalls for at least 770 hours/year.

Before going there, is better to consult the schedules and the opening days.

Another place appreciated by the environmental point of view is the lake of Piediluco, as wellin the immediate proximity of Terni and easily attainable.

Its irregular form and not at all circular, mostly approaches it to the alpine lakes, very unusual aspect that only increase the charm of the landscape. Its perimeter measures around 17 kilometres, and is entirely surrounded by a sharp pain vegetation, as poetically its etymology describes it, '' to the feet of the Sacred Wood ''. One of the most greater attractions is with no doubt the Mountain of the echo, a true icon of the lake, able to make to play again a whole hendecasyllable, thanks to the unusual acoustics of its walls.

The panorama is enchanting, the houses prepared along the coast decorate its banks, while some architectural elements illustrate its past. From above the Fortress of the XI century dominates, of which still can admire imposing parts, while very suggestive it is the church devoted to St. Francis, celebration of a visit of the Poverello in Assisi in 1217. The church was built in 1338, entering through a steep stairway in stone, decorated by motives inspired to the lake culture.

The lake of Piediluco is besides centre of the Italian Federation of Boating, near which numerous and important appointments are held to recall attention from Italy and from the world.á
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