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The most beautiful day of Terni, St. Valentine

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The famous Saint that has made Terni the capital of the love

If Terni is famous in Italy and in the world, part of its fame it certainly thanks to its saint patron, San Valentino, '' protector of the lovers ''. St. Valentine become during time the synonymous of love, feeling and tenderness, those that exchange the persons in love of the whole planet during the day to him devoted, on February 14, his martyrdom.

St. Valentine was bishop of the city of Terni, he lived in the III century and was persecuted by the Roman Senate. He suffered the martyrdom and died in the year 273, the day 14th February. He became protector of the persons in love since the tradition tells that he celebrated a marriage among a pagan legionary and a young Christian. This gesture makes him today messenger in the world of an important message of peace and universal love, a powerful invitation that rests under the ash of a festivity that can appear frivolous and an easy commercial expedient.

The bare of St. Valentine rest in the Basilica that brings his name in the immediate proximity of the centre of Terni.

Every year at Terni the recurrence of his martyrdom is celebrated with events and demonstrations devoted to the life of the saint and his message. In the Basilica numerous couples of young fiancés prepare them to the marriage in the day of St. Valentine, pronounciating their promise. Besides in the whole city literary meetings are held, lectures, short films, shows, concerts, events among the most disparate in the artistic field and of the show, tied by an only conductor: the love. The Basilica of San Valentino of Terni  The Basilica rises above the place in which an ancient Christian cemetery has been identified. A first church was built above the rests of the oratory in which the first followers of the saint were gathered, destroyed in the I century. It was rebuilt in the XIII century, but it is only during the 1600 that it will be completely restructured and decorated, up to assume the aspect that still today maintains. Always in that period, around 1630, the relics of San Valentino were deposed inside an urn and situated under the altar.  
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