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The Commonal Picture Gallery '' Orneore Metelli '' of Terni

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The collection of works of art of the Commonal Picture Gallery is devoted to an unusual artistic personality, Orneore Metelli, one among the maximum pictorial exponents of the current naif. He was born in 1872 in Terni. After the elementary studies he went in the shop of his father, helping him in his job of cobbler. Sensitive to the beauty, autodidactic from the not common artistic sense, only devoted entirely himself to the painting at fifty year-old age, receiving a discreet success, up to be considered today one of the most important interpreters of the Nine hundred painting. He died in 1938 while he was working to the layout of his last picture '' Gone out of the Theatre ''.

Two rooms of the section reserved to the contemporary artists entertain 54 of his works, through which it is possible to complete a suggestive trip inside a pictorial experience out of the commune. Besides the works of Orneore Metelli the part related to the artists of the Nine hundred includes a collection of Carrà, Mirò, Picasso and Kandinsky, as well as a section of the cultural climate and artistic in fashion in the Terni of the years '30s, represented by Quaglia, Castellani, Teofili, Ciaurro and Aurelio De Felice, to who must be recognised the worth of having understood and promoted the genial quality of Metelli.

Some real masterpieces can be admired in the section devoted to the ancient works. Some are found among the most greater realisations of the artists that have worked and developed their own art in Umbria. One of these is the small painting of the anonymous author, known as the Teacher of the Dormitio Virginis (name that derives from a present fresco in the church of San Pietro of Terni representing a Dormitio Virginis), very important work of the XIV century that characterised in conclusive way the development of a certain seam in the Umbrian painting. It follows then the altar piece of a great teacher, Benozzo Gozzoli, very active artist above all at Montefalco, through whom a discreet penetration of the Tuscan Renaissance motives will be also in Umbria.

The other two rooms of the Picture Gallery are reserved to two recurrent motives for the Christian religiousness, as the Madonna with Child and the Crucifixion. Speaking about this last iconographic theme, two interpretations detach on the others for merit and originality, due to Niccolò di Liberatore said the Pupil and to Giovanni di Pietro, said the Spagna.
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