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Brief history of the city of Terni

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The history of the first installations appropriated in the territory constituted by the today's Terni, goes back to ancient times, when a Umbrian-Sabinan people established along a valley crossed by two rivers. They were the Naharkis, shepherd-warlike that lived along the valley of the river Nera, from which they took the name. Of this period remain numerous testimonies as the vast necropolises and the rests of Maratta, a vast installation that goes back to 800s before the birth of Christ.  The date of the foundation of the city of Terni is the 672 B.C., when a shed group of installations was reunified for constituting a nucleus of greater dimensions, which was subdued by the power of the Roman Empire around the year 300 B.C. The installation takes then the name of Interamna, the '' city among the waters ''. But the new Roman town didn't interpret a role of smaller importance in the life of the empire; thanks to its important strategic position and the plentiful presence of present water resources on the territory, it reached soon a notable prestige. They built so the mighty boundaries, the thermal baths, the theatres and the amphitheatres, so the social life and politics became animated, more and more influential characters grew and disembarked to Rome engraving more and more in conclusive way in its political progress. It's the historic epoch of Tacito Caio Cornelio and of the emperor Marco Claudio Tacito.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, Terni was exposed to devastation and looting following the fates of many other Umbrian towns that saw their own cities exposed to the barbaric invasions.

In the XIII century also Terni and many near villages are caressed by the preaching of St. Francis, to whom are devoted churches and places of cult that will remain points of constant reference for the popular devotion. In 1353 Terni promulgates a proper statute, starting a process of normalisation that will culminate around the year 1600, when the Pontifical State also extends on it its own dominion. In this period is realised the Basilica of San Valentino, bishop of Terni, martyr, saint patron of the city and protector of the persons in love of the whole world. 
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