Territory of Ternano

Territory of Ternano

Territory of Ternano


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The histories of Terni
A travel into the territory of Terni, between ancient wonders and new realities

The whole territory that surrounds Terni, the second province of Umbria, introduces a notable variety and different solutions, perfect for satisfying tourists needs even the more exigent ones. Some of its places are known from remote times and are always a destination of an elevated flow of visitors, while other cities only recently have valorised its own tourist potential.

The district is dominated by the presence of the city of Terni, full of ancient history and histories that is able to tell through its signs, symbols and the monuments dislocated all over its territory.

Terni represents in Umbria and in Italy the myth of the modernization, represents a city that even having firm roots anchored into the past has known how to emerge and to excel in a very delicate sector, driving the nation toward an attended industrial future.

It introduces itself as the city from the two faces and the thousand lives. On one side, to testify the ancient shine, the Roman finds, the medieval tears, and at the other side the ultramodern factories. These last onesimpose themselves for their ambivalence; vanguard structures converted for the production of special materials, but also document of a radiant epoch in which the whole production of the precious steel entirely depended on them. The imposing Great Press was the image of this era, an essential document of the city that Terni was and the hope for what will be.
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