Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Terni

Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Terni

Territory of Ternano


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Territory of Ternano
Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Terni

Besides the muscles of Terni’s industries, pacifically cohabit places definitively impressed in the collective imaginary, a patrimony of inestimable value consecrated among the wonder of our planet.

There is no exaggerated expression to describe the immense show constituted by the Marmore Waterfalls. Every year thousand of visitors approach in pilgrimage to admire this unbelievable work resulting from a perfect joint among the attempt of the man to bridle and to dominate the nature and its excesses, and the primordial impetus of a strength that won't definitely never be appeased.

The Marmore Waterfalls constitutes an inexhaustible mine of energy, which was of enormous importance during the epoch of the industrialization of Terni. Look carefully at the two images; the one of a city-factory, dynamic, impetuous and mighty; and the other showing the mighty, impetuous and dynamic Marmore Waterfalls. These are the two faces of the same medal, two spectacular realities that have cohabited for over 2000 years.

Another place that well represents the environmental vocation of the territory of Terni is the suggestive lake of Piediluco, a delicate mirror of water of unusual and irregular form contained among the mountains, element that makes the landscape of Piediluco one of the most appreciated and visited ones. Moreover confering a very characteristic and picturesque aspect to the landscape, the lake is centre of important sporting events, entertaining, hosting the centre of the Italian Rowing Federation.

The Valnerina is another itinerary to not miss with its valley which inside flows the Nera River, one of the most fascinating and uncontaminated places. There are a lot of solutions for anyone who chooses this corner of Umbria, starting from the trekking excursions, to the possibility to go down along the waters of the river on canoe for a vacation that gives a pinch of emotion.

We finally remember that besides the natural and environmental beauties, true health for the eyes, there are lots of centres that draw from the nature precious elements for the physical wellness, as for instance, the two main centres where precious mineral waters gush out, Acquasparta and San Gemini, important Umbrian thermal centres.
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