Historical itineraries in the territory of Terni

Historical itineraries in the territory of Terni

Territory of Ternano


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Territory of Ternano
Historical itineraries in the territory of Terni

There are few cities that can boast an ancient and illustrious past as Terni . The date of its foundation is around the 672 B.C., but the territory was already lived by the Naharkis, an Umbrian and Sabinan population along the river Nera . The Romans came then, in the 300 B.C., of which important documents are conserved. For what concerns the city of Terni, is possible to admire the wide walls, the Amphitheater Fausto< and many other signs of the ancient Interamna .

Between Terni and San Gemini, along the itinerary of the ancient Via Flaminia, there’s one of the most important archaeological sites of central Italy : Carsulae, a complex dated around the I-III century, inside which you can admire the Palaeo-Christian church of San Damiano, the Basilica Grande, the Amphitheatre , the Teatro and the arc of San Damiano.

Another important archaeological site is located near the today's Otricoli , close to where are the famous finds that recall the ancient Ocriculum, as the Thermal baths and the Octagonal Room , the amphitheatre<, the Forum and the Oil Port.

There are other signs from Middle Ages, as shows the marvellous city of Narni and its Rocca, an imposing fortitude finished in the XIV century based on a plan of Gattapone as well as the Palazzo dei Priori, realised in 1275. Always is Narni there's the marvellous Abbazia San Cassiano. There are some suburbs absolutely to visit like the jewels of Polino , Montefranco, but also Stroncone, that maintain unchanged the ancient urban structure with its sublime panorama.

A mention apart is deserved to Ferentillo and the Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santo Stefano, inside which are found the famous mummies, a series of bodies that thanks to a natural process of maintenance, came nowadays almost totally conserved.
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