Artistic itineraries in the territory of Terni

Artistic itineraries in the territory of Terni

Territory of Ternano


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Territory of Ternano
Artistic itineraries in the territory of Terni

A lot of churches and museums of the territory host masterpieces that constitute an artistic treasure of all respect. The eighteenth-century Palazzo Gazzoli of Terni, entertains the Common Picture-Gallery "Orneore Metelli", in which is preserved a great number of representative works of an epoch that goes from the XIV century up to involve some of the most important artists of the contemporary age, as Carrà, Mirò , Chagall, Kandinsky and Picasso. In the most ancient section, are located that works that illustrate the character of the Umbran painting and of its greater teachers that have operated between XIV and XVIII century. Among these last, Benozzo Bozzoli<, Spagna, Niccolò Alunno and Domenico Alfani< deserve a place of honour. A wide section is devoted to the activity of Orneore Metelli, unusual character born in Terni and considered one of the maximum exponents of the naïf painting.

In San Gemini there’s an interesting collection of material related to the work and to the life of Guido Calori, a Roman artist from the versatile personality, very influential in the Nine hundred cultural and intellectual elaboration. It’s located in the ex Convento delle Clarisse (Clarisses Convent) and contains a wide exposure of paintings and sculptures, besides the file where are collected important biographical documents, photo, correspondences, books, catalogues and various articles.
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