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Il Poggiolo スポレート アグリツーリズモ Il Poggiolo スポレート アグリツーリズモ

Frazione Terraia, loc. Poggiolo 64 - 06050 - Spoleto, PG - ITALY
Il Poggiolo スポレート アグリツーリズモ "Il Poggiolo" is graced with a 360 degree panorama which is particularly evocative, due to the fact that it is located at the top of a hill that dominates the surrounding countryside. It's the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing vacation, surrounding...
携帯電話 (+39) 338/8820007
スポレート Tenuta di Monte Lagello  アグリツーリズモ Tenuta di Monte Lagello スポレート アグリツーリズモ

06050 - Marsciano, PG - ITALY
スポレート Tenuta di Monte Lagello  アグリツーリズモ Umbria: the green heart of Italy, with its green hills, fertile valleys and particular peaceful countryside. History, tradition, the art of the cities and its surroundings offer the visitor the possibility to go back in time and admire...
電話番号 (+39) 0743/44000 :: ファックス番号 (+39) 0743/44000
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