Landscape itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

Landscape itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

Territory of Spoletino


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Territory of Spoletino
Landscape itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

The landscape in the territory of Spoleto is characterized by the dominant presence of the plant of the olive, making the panorama recognizable into a homogeneous region like Umbria.

The green hills are literally covered with this plant from which is drawn an excellent extra-virgin oil, appreciated in Italy and the rest of the world for its features and gastronomic uses.

The profile of the hills is made soft and round thanks to the presence of the olive, this element have stamped in the years the style of life and the occupations of the inhabitants of Spoleto, Castel Ritaldi and Giano dell’Umbria, all places where the cultivation and the production of the oil has reached the maximum levels.

There is then the splendid reality of Campello sul Clitunno, a spellbound and out of time place, where the scenery of the Sources of Clitunno offers a natural fairytale show to the tourists.  

Between Spoleto and Foligno, along the ancient Via Flaminia, rises this corner of heaven, a bucolic image of rare beauty, visible demonstration of the landscapes and the pastoral environments described by the poets of the Arcadia.
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