Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

Territory of Spoletino


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Territory of Spoletino
Historical-artistic itineraries in the territory of Spoleto

The territory of Spoleto also distinguishes thanks to the presence of various buildings of remarkable historical-artistic interest. There are many monuments that the tourist can visit, and all of them are close to each other, constituting a rich but not at time-wasting itinerary.  

In Spoleto the testimonies of the medieval age are reassumed more symbolically in one of the most admired city icons, the Rocca Albornoziana, a fortitude realized during the XIV century based on a plan of the architect MatteoGattaponi. Very imposing and suggestive, the Ponte delle Torri (Bridge of the Towers) is a structure from the huge dimensions, probably a century preceding the Rocca, long 235 meters and high around one hundred meters.

The sacred building that constitutes the vital centre of the city of Spoleto is without any doubt its Cathedral, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, with its original façade embellished by the rose window and by the elegant colonnade. It's one of the most known and visited places in Umbria, destination of thousand of visitors every year.  

Close to Spoleto, near Campello sul Clitunno, there’s the suggestive Tempietto, a building built by the Christians of the origins, perhaps already around the V century.

Returning to Spoleto, it’s certainly impossible to lose the two museums, dedicated one to the modern and contemporary art, the other to the medieval and Renaissance art. The first one is the Civic Gallery of Modern art, inside which is possible to run over again the stages of the grandiose experience of a group of young artists from Spoleto driven by the personality of Leoncillo Leoncilli.

Another cultural pole is the Picture-gallery, entertained from the City Hall, which collects all works of Niccolò di Liberatore, known as the Pupil, of the Guercino, of Spagna and many other representatives of that epoch.
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