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The ''Infiorate'' of Spello

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Every year in June the streets of Spello shimmer with all colours of the rainbow, a spectacle due to the work of artists who have made over the time a real art of the design of the "Infiorate'', that are patterns and ornaments made of petals on the ground. It is a cleverly devised procedure which requires from the performers much experience and extensive preparative work as well as a strong sense for harmony and beauty. Those are just some of the elements that distinguish the "Infiorate'' of Spello from similar events in other towns. The streets of Spello and the marvellous palazzos glow in all colour shades and the designs carried out with selected petals from the Monte Subasio are a really unforgettable experience.

Since some years Spello's experiences in the design of the floral carpets are collected and exhibited in the Museo delle Infiorate. The different phases of preparation are documented there in photographs and drawings, as well as the sketches and the most beautiful works of the artists and masters, who create every year these short-lived works, that sure enough will not be forgotten by those who were so lucky to see them.
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