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The local products of Scheggino

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The area of the commune of Scheggino has many precious and tasty local products and the most famous of them is without any doubt the truffle. This king of cuisine grows spontaneously in the underwood of the Valnerina - and Scheggino for sure doesn't constitute an exception - offering many varieties of the precious tuber all over the territory.

An important initiative which takes place in October is dedicated to the truffle, the exhibition market Mostra Mercato del Tartufo, where one can buy the tubers pulled out in the zone and visit the stalls, that expose all kinds of local products of the Valnerina.
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Scheggino - The structure of Scheggino is the one of a castle on the slant, it has a triangular form with the keep on the high summit and the long side formed by the bank of the
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The_local_products_of_Scheggino_bed_and_breakfast Canoeing the Valnerina at Scheggino - In the spring and summer period it is possible to make wonderful trips along the river Nera and look from a most particular point of view at the valley where it... The_local_products_of_Scheggino_handicraft
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