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San Giustino

San Giustino and the Free State of Cospaia

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San Giustino
A very unusual case happened in this thin strip of ground at few more than two kilometres from San Giustino. In the year 1440, because of a banal error in the calculation of the territorial confinements, pope Eugenio IV sold Borgo San Sepolcro to the Florentine Republic for 14.000 ducats, Cospaia found itself again earth without master as no more subject to the dominion of the State of the Church, but even not involved in the Florentine Republic. The Cospaia population took advantage declaring them independent. The even more unbelievable is that such situation remained not solved up to 1826, when the two states intervened to cure the situation. However, in the meantime, at Cospaia was experimented a type of civil cohabitation that could live without city heads, laws, manage, with a population devoted to the commerce, to the smuggling and the cultivation of the tobacco. Just at Cospaia, in the second halves the XVI century, the abbot Nicolò Tornabuoni returned from Spain with some seeds, of tobacco of course, which for the first time in Italy was cultivated. Unfortunately the euphoria of the liberty degenerated and, besides the agricultural and commercial activities, it became flourishing above all the art of the smuggling. Such situation became soon intolerable and the two states put end to the eccentric experiment.
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The '' gentle '' fortitude of San Giustino - In the centre of San Giustino a green space opens to reveal the presence of a strengthened fortress, the Castello Bufalini, initially a defensive building, a... San_Giustino_and_the_Free_State_of_Cospaia_country_houses
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