Last minute The Geolab in San Gemini, the '' Laboratory of the Sciences of the Earth ''

San Gemini

The Geolab in San Gemini, the '' Laboratory of the Sciences of the Earth ''

Discovering Umbria
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San Gemini
It's a modern expositive space and didactic thought specifically to satisfy the curiosity of the children, very useful however also for the adults. The rooms of the Geolab are structured in such way to furnish the opportunity to interact with the present material. The history of the Earth is illustrated under the geologic profile detaining particularly on the history of the region Umbria. As trough an upset spyglass, the look departs embracing the fates of the whole continent, for then progressively focus the attention on the basin of the Mediterranean, Italy and finally Umbria. The path is articulated along an itinerary that foresees the passage through four exposure rooms. The first one is devoted to the movements of the continental plates, while in the second, through a planisphere and an interactive plastic, is reproduced the formation of the mountainous chains, is explained the origin of the earthquakes and is shown the placement of the main active volcanoes. In the third room is shown the Mediterranean area and its geologic history, to pass then to illustrate the history of Umbria and the formation of the Appennino showing rocks and fossils recovered in the territory. In the last room the space is entirely devoted to Umbria, to the geologic phenomenons occurred during the time, resulting in the earthquakes, and the formation of the sources of mineral waters present in San Gemini.

Annexed to the museum there's a laboratory, where is possible to observe the tools and the methods through which the researchers examine the phenomenons of the planet Earth.
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