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San Gemini

Opera Museum '' Guido Calori '' of San Gemini

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San Gemini
The Cloister of the ex Convent of the poor clares since 1987 is centre of the Opera Museum of Guido Calori, polyhedral artist born in Rome, perhaps less known to the great public, but of enormous influence during the 1900 artistic expression development. He was a painter, sculptor, decorator, architect, art writer and much more. The Opera Museum of Guido Calori entertains a lot of its paintings and sculptures, through which it is possible to understand the complexity and the quality of his today artist work. The works and the stable have whole been declared from the Superintendence of the Artistic Good documents of exceptional historical-artistic value and submitted to bond. Same fate has been reserved to the precious archive, near which there are preserved interesting testimonies on Calori and his daily life, a mirror of his artistic personality and the cultural circle in which lives, as photos, books, postcards, articles of newspaper and correspondences.
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The water of San Gemini, a sip of health - San Gemini is a marvellous suburb of medieval origin, risen along the layout of the via Flaminia. It owes its name to the presence and the preaching of a Syr... Opera_Museum_Guido_Calori_of_San_Gemini_country_houses
Opera_Museum_Guido_Calori_of_San_Gemini_hotels The Geolab in San Gemini, the '' Laboratory of the Sciences of the Earth '' - It's a modern expositive space and didactic thought specifically to satisfy the curiosity of the children, very useful however also for the adults. The rooms of the Geo... Opera_Museum_Guido_Calori_of_San_Gemini_hotel
Opera_Museum_Guido_Calori_of_San_Gemini_bed_and_breakfast Carsulae, the buried city of San Gemini - Already known in the XVII century the ancient Roman site of Carsulae was brought to new shine only in the second halves the XX century. Along the oath of via Fla... Opera_Museum_Guido_Calori_of_San_Gemini_handicraft
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