Last minute Porano: the Golini and the Hescana Graves


Porano: the Golini and the Hescana Graves

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Near Porano have been recovered some precious Etruscan graves, two of them take the name from the Orvieto archaeologist that discovered them in 1836 and the grave of the Hescana, Etruscan family owner of the sepulchre. The importance of the recovery resides in the frescos of which the walls of the mortuary rooms are covered, which represent scenes that allow to decipher some aspects related to the Etruscan civilisation. In effect it is only the grave of the Hescana to still possess the paintings in their original centre, while those of the graves Golini I and II are visible at the National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto. The scenes represent the life of the various social classes, the funeral rites and banquets, all useful testimonies to penetrate that veil of mystery that darkens the greatness of the Etruscan people. Besides the frescos in the catacombs have been also found various objects as armors, vases, bronzes and a marvellous mirror in which are drawn Leda and Tindareo. Also to Porano it repeats, even if in smaller measure, the underground plot of rooms and paths that characterises the near Orvieto, united by the past Etruscan commune and from the today's itinerary that necropolis by necropolis allows to discover a civilisation that reserves enormous surprises.  
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Porano the Etruscan - Porano rises above a sweet slope between the territory of Orvieto and the Lazio. The urban conformation is that typical of the strengthened suburb, as... Porano_the_Golini_and_the_Hescana_Graves_country_houses
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