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The Museum of the Umbrian Appennino of Polino

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It's set into the places of the Rocca di Polino, thought for furnishing valid didactic material to the children and the schools. Divided in two sections, the first one concerns the geo-morphologic aspect, the formation of the mountainous chains, of the lakes, of the Marmores Waterfalls and an ample study of the fossils recovered in the territory. In the second section can be found useful information on the natural environment of the Appennino
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Polino: the jewel of the Appennino - Polino is a small but attractive suburb of medieval origin. Castled to 835 meters high is the one placed at the most higher altitude in the whole Umbria. Sit... The_Museum_of_the_Umbrian_Appennino_of_Polino_country_houses
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