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Transhumance and the ancient crafts of Poggiodomo

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Many experts have dedicated much of their time for the research on the recent past of the commune of Poggiodomo, in order to not letting get lost the substantial information regarding the knowledge and the competences related to the crafts, that until not long ago were the only source of income of the population.

Egildo Spada distinguished himself of them publishing in the course of time many books, where he faces the topics of the territory and its stories.

One of the most recent and best investigated ones is ''La Transumanza. Transumanza e allevamento stanziale nell'Umbria sud orientale'' (The Transhumance. Transhumance and sedentary breeding in South-east Umbria), a text which contains very interesting historical and socioanthropological information.

The research regards an area more extended than the only commune of Poggiodomo, integrating different sources like archives, narrative and poetical texts and interviews.

The research goes on the phenomena of the transhumance itself, but also on the entire world of the personalities and figures, culture and folklore which rotated around the sheep-breeding and the livestock drive.

The transhumance is the periodical drive of the livestock, fundamentally sheep, between two complementary places (from the point of view of pasture); the one for autumn and winter pasture is on the plain, the other one, used in spring and summer, is in the mountains. The complementary zone to the South-east Umbrian mountains used to be the Roman countryside.

Who wants to examine closely the topics of transhumance can do that reading the book ''La Transumanza. Transumanza e allevamento stanziale nell'Umbria sud orientale'', written by Egildo Spada and published in the series Quaderni del CEDRAV, the Centro di Documentazione e la Ricerca Antropologica in Valnerina e nella dorsale appenninica umbra.
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