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Since 1996 the CEA is active at Poggiodomo, that is the Centro di Educazione Ambientale Il Sentiero'' (Centre for Environmental Education ''The Path''), a project which was born from the collaboration between Legambiente, the Commune of Poggiodomo and the Region of Umbria.

The Centre deals with the promotion and diffusion of a culture which is related to a new approach to the environmental topics and its justifiable development.

The projects supported by the Centre ''Il Sentiero'' are mainly addressed to the schools and the local population, studied and developed in order to favour more balanced relations in the management of the territory.

The activities fostered by the CEA range from didactic stays reserved to pupils and teachers of all kinds and degrees, to summer stays for youngsters, periods of training and coaching, ecologically orientated holidays, green tourism and trips throughout all the year.
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Poggiodomo, the hidden beauty - The commune of Poggiodomo is one of the smallest in Italy and the highest in Umbria. The last gathered statistics ascribe to it hardly 172 residents, while it... C_E_A_Il_Sentiero_of_Poggiodomo_country_houses
C_E_A_Il_Sentiero_of_Poggiodomo_hotels Transhumance and the ancient crafts of Poggiodomo - Many experts have dedicated much of their time for the research on the recent past of the commune of Poggiodomo, in order to not letting get lost the substantial in... C_E_A_Il_Sentiero_of_Poggiodomo_hotel
C_E_A_Il_Sentiero_of_Poggiodomo_bed_and_breakfast Poggiodomo: Fausto Poli, the cardinal who was born at Usigni - The church of San Salvatore at Usigni was built on the initiative of cardinal Fausto Poli (1581-1652), who arrived at the highest authorities of the Roma... C_E_A_Il_Sentiero_of_Poggiodomo_handicraft
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