Territory of Perugino

Territory of Perugino

Territory of Perugino


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The territory of Perugia, the taste of vacation
The district around the city of Perugia is a rich and vivacious territory, various and full of interesting tourist hints. Thanks to its dimensions and importance, the main city deserves a separate mention. Perugia is since always have been one of the main destinations of travellers coming from every country, attracted by its medieval monuments, from the works of art preserved in its museums, the cultural initiatives and events that every year attract thousand of visitors.

In July Perugia hosts Umbria Jazz, the famous demonstration that from over thirty years develops in the plazas, in the theatres and in every corner of the city, turning the urban fabric into an enormous box of resonance.

The autumn is the time of Eurochocolate, event tied up to the chocolate and its thousand uses, entirely devoted to the fans of the cocoa and to every possible by-product.

Even other cities of the district entertain demonstrations of great importance, tied up better to the gastronomic and oenological cultivated excellences. Every city possesses its precise physiognomy and its proper features.

In Torgiano is produced a particular wine from the sublime sensorial features, it’s the Torgiano Rosso Riserva, one of the two Umbrian labels that earned the important recognition of Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin. Besides wine another product of great prestige is the oil, a typical Umbrian product, appreciated and required by the national and international market.

Deruta< since the ancient time has linked its own name to the production of the precious ceramics, realized in every form and for every possible use, decorated by real artists who cultivate this tradition for a long time.

The city of Corciano is a delicious medieval suburb, which harmony is enacted thanks to the inclusion in the association that catalogues and identifies it as the most beautiful Suburb in Italy.
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