Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

Territory of Perugino


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Territory of Perugino
Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

The territory of Perugia is surrounded by sweets hills heated by the sun, an extremely fertile and particularly ground for the cultivation of the grapevine and the olive. These two realities find their best expression in Torgiano , where the cultivation of the vine Sangiovese confers to the wine tastes and signs of great body and elegance. Even the production of oil, practiced since ancient times, has reached levels of quality that set it among regional and national gastronomic excellences. The Fondazione Lungarotti has devoted two exhibition spaces to celebrate these precious earth products, and to exalt their history and their long tradition. In the rooms of the OilMuseum , and in the Wine Museum it's possible to discover step by step the production, and to relive during the centuries the history of the oil and the wine, admiring its handicrafts.

Another typical product, tied up to Perugia and its territory, it’s the Torta al Testo , a product of the tradition nearly come up to the modernity in unchanged form. It’s a crushed pizza bread, without salt, made by a mix of water and flour, cooked on a stone called " Testo ". It’s usually served full of local meats, accompanied by grasses and cooked vegetables, but it is excellent also used instead the bread.

There are lots of places where to taste this specialty, especially all the parties and the feasts dedicated to it, both inside the city boundaries, and in the fractions.
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