Historical itineraries of the territory of Perugia

Historical itineraries of the territory of Perugia

Territory of Perugino


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Territory of Perugino
Historical itineraries of the territory of Perugia

Like in the rest of Umbria , and perhaps even more, also in the territory of Perugia, the signs of the medieval past characterized the aspect of the suburbs belonging to this district.

Deruta is known for its flourishing activity connected to the artistic workmanship of the ceramics, but the charm linked to its name doesn't stop at the majolica. The highest part of the city still maintains a very picturesque aspect with its narrow alleys, the ancient buildings and the well preserved walls. The shops of the potters of the historical centre of Deruta and their manufactured articles perfectly integrate themselves with the city fabric, adding an artistic and colour touch that makes the urban landscape unique in its kind.

It’s in Perugia that the Middle Ages expressed to the maximum levels, leaving high-level testimonies of themselves. Just think about the historical centre and the monuments surrounding in an all-in-one glimpse. There is the Fontana Maggiore, masterpiece of the century XIII of brothers' Giovanni and Nicola Pisano , the maximum exponents of the Italian Gothic sculpture, the stately Palazzo dei Priori, the Cattedrale of San Lorenzo, the marvellous street Maestā delle Volte< and the principal artery of the centre, Corso Vannucci , a crowded meeting point for population and tourists.

Also Corciano distinguishes itself for the urban architecture, to such a point to have been inserted in the prestigious club of the '' Most beautiful Suburbs of Italy '', the association that signals the places with unchanged own medieval peculiarities. To join the association, is not enough to be simply a well preserved suburb. It’s necessary to satisfy numerous requisites, as an elevated quality of the offered services, the attention to the environmental patrimony, a serious politics of recovery and guardianship of the architectural and artistic good, all features that Corciano fully respects.
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