Artistic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

Artistic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

Territory of Perugino


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Territory of Perugino
Artistic itineraries in the territory of Perugia

The city of Perugia is soaked with maximum level works of art, but a honour place is dedicated to the works of the Perugino, Pietro Vannucci, who has spent a lot of its talent in the city, contributing to increase the fame of Perugia in the world.

The city is literally full of its masterpieces constituting an itinerary that easily allows to appreciate its works and its artistic itineraries.

The repertoire of images of the "divine painter" is not exclusively contained inside the National Gallery of Umbria, hosted in the Palazzo dei Priori , but are situated in their native centre, giving in this way the opportunity to the visitors to admire his masterpieces in the places for which have are been thought.

It's the case, for instance, of the Collegio del Cambio, where besides the decorations, in the Sala delle Udienze there’s the self-portrait of the artist. Otherwise you can visit the Monastero di Sant'Agnese, the Abbazia di San Pietro , the Chiesa di San Severo< or the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, where are guarded precious testimonies of the presence of Pietro Vannucci in Perugia.

The other artistic pole of the territory is without any doubt Deruta, a city that during the centuries has more and more developed and cultivated the passion for the artistic workmanship of the ceramics , reaching results of elevated quality.

The history of the ceramics of Deruta is reported in the Regional Museum of the Ceramics , a place where is collected the historical memory of an activity that still today characterises the city, making of it one of the brightest and vivacious realities.

Besides the museum there is the Communal Picture-Gallery, which collects masterpieces of the Perugino, of Niccolò Liberatore know as the Pupil and many other artists.
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