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Otricoli: the Head of Jupiter

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It's a splendid head in marble tall almost 60 centimetres, recovered during the 1782 excavations. It probably belonged to a statue of great dimensions representing the divinity, copy of an original Greek realised in republican age. The Head of Jupiter is now preserved at the Vatican Museums. It's possible to admire its tread in the first floor of the Palazzo del Comune, where is set an Antiquarium rich in finds of pre-Roman and Roman epoch, among which the statues of Giunone, Venus and August
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The acropolis umbra of Otricoli - At the border with the Lazio and along the left shore of the Tiber, narrow and castled on a hill rises Otricoli, an ancient installation lived by the ... Otricoli_the_Head_of_Jupiter_country_houses
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