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Festivity - Umbria Jazz Winter - Umbria Jazz Winter: a week of good music, tourism and culture form 28th december 2006 to 6th january 2007 Orvieto ... Umbria Jazz Winter _1
Umbria Jazz Winter _2 Festivity - CITTASLOW DINNER MUSIC - From 11 february to 25 march at Orvieto the eighth edition of Cittaslow dinner music... CITTASLOW DINNER MUSIC _3
CITTASLOW DINNER MUSIC _4 Last minute - Venti ascensionali 2005 - The 2005 edition in Orvieto has moments dedicated to reading and poetry, exhibitions and dancing, music, theatre and ci... Venti ascensionali 2005_5
Venti ascensionali 2005_6 Last minute - Orvieto con gusto - from 1 october to 9 october 2005 in Orvieto, Umbria, gastronomy event ... Orvieto con gusto_7
Orvieto con gusto_8 Music - Orvieto Umbria Jazz Winter - From December 29th to January 2st 2005, 5 days of music, culture and events linked to New Year's Eve 2005.... Orvieto Umbria Jazz Winter_9
June: Palio of the Goose
Festival where the ancient challenges between the knights and the two teams, the Cavaroli and the Pistrellesi are recalled.
Other events in the town of Orvieto
June: Corpus Christi Day - Historical recalling in period costumes with the procession of the corporal.
Events_Orvieto_country_houses June: Festival of the Palombella - Event dating back to 1400 when Giovanna Monaldeschi della Cervara initiated the yearly celebration with which Pentecost is announced. A white dove is pushed along a rope, which connects the church Chiesa di San Francesco with a Gothic tabernacle, the Cenacolo, put in front of the main entrance of the cathedral. The popular performance aims to recalling the descent of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles and the Madonna.
Events_Orvieto_hotels June: Big Long-distance Race of the Etrusans - Event which is dedicated to the two-wheeled, with departure from Orvieto and arrival at San Lorenzana on the shore of the Bolsena Lake with the possibility to choose between a more accessible and a more winding and very difficult route over 70 kilometres long.
Events_Orvieto_hotel June: ZipFestival - Ambitious international experimental project of improvisation live performing art. In the streets of the town, take place spectacles, which are animated, by artists and dancers from all parts of the world. The aim of the festival is to explore the infinite expressive possibilities of the human body outside the classic codified schemes.
Events_Orvieto_bed_and_breakfast December-January: Umbria Jazz Winter - Winter version of the famous event, which is entirely dedicated to jazz music.
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