Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Orvieto

Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Orvieto

Territory of Orvietano


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Territory of Orvietano
Oenological and gastronomic itineraries in the territory of Orvieto

Besides the Cathedral, the graves and the Etruscan testimonies, the artistic and architectural beauties, Orvieto is the ideal city for tasting good wines from delicious and unmistakable tastes. On the hills of Orvieto is produced a category of wine appreciated in whole Italy, among which must be mentioned the '' muffati ''. These are wines whose grapes in phase of maturation are attacked by the so-called noble mould the BotrytisCinerea, which confers aromas and unmistakable tastes. This process happens thanks to the particular climatic and environmental conditions of the cultivated territory.

Even the Classical Orvieto has a great value, it’s a wine of Denomination of Controlled Origin result mainly from the vine of Trebbiano.

Another product known to all the connoisseurs, but not only them, is the truffle, whose harvest is practiced especially in the commune of Fabro, place of a prestigious National Exhibition of white truffle and sour-alimentary products, during which, every year in November, you can taste and purchase the precious tuber, and also other typical local products.
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