Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Orvieto

Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Orvieto

Territory of Orvietano


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Territory of Orvietano
Itineraries of the landscape, the nature and the environment in the territory of Orvieto

In the territory of Orvieto, the landscape is very various, and introduces to the tourist an excellent variety of solutions. The ecosystem of the lake of Bolsena is a very appreciated wide lake area surrounded by woods of oaks and chestnut trees.

Near Parrano there’s a complex system of open caves discovered at the beginning of last century, known with the name of Tana del Diavolo (Den of the Devil), inside which were discovered founds of the age of the bronze, precious testimony of the systems of life of the men that lived that zone since the Palaeolithic age.

In San Venanzo you can immerse yourself in a very particular and unusual landscape, the volcanic one, due to the presence of the Mount Peglia’s volcano. Its particularity is the composition of the rocks that have no similar. Just for this the mineral present on the volcano has been called venanzite.
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