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Last minute - St. Valentine in the hills of Norcia - On February 14 th 2009 the festival of love........ St. Valentine in the hills of Norcia_1
St. Valentine in the hills of Norcia_2 Festivity - Norcia San Benedetto - Benedectine celebrations: medieval festivals and crossbow tournament, in the town of Norcia from february ... Norcia San Benedetto _3
Norcia San Benedetto _4 Festivity - Norcia Umbria - Valnerina fair of black truffle and typical products from february to march... Norcia Umbria_5
Norcia Umbria_6 Festivity - Li Fauni- I Faoni - Norcia 9th December: the celebration of a pagan rite with fires in the squares.... Li Fauni- I Faoni_7
Li Fauni- I Faoni_8 Last minute - Mostra mercato del tartufo nero di Norcia - from 24 febraury to 4 march the internation kermesse: "Mostra mercato del tartufo nero" in Norcia... Mostra mercato del tartufo nero di Norcia_9
Mostra mercato del tartufo nero di Norcia_10 Last minute - Norcia theatre - comedy of Gigi Proietti to Norcia... Norcia  theatre_11
Norcia  theatre_12 Sport & Nature - Norcia - A weekend's trekking in the Sibillini hills with mules has been scheduled for June 11th and 12th by the Mulattiera del P... Norcia Hotel-nursia.com_13
February-March: The national exhibition market of the black truffle and the local products of the Valnerina
This gastronomic display has a more than 50 years old tradition. The territory of Norcia is incomparably rich in local and delicious products, but the fame the black truffle could attain makes it the real king of the event.
But the salami and cold pork meats certainly play also an important role as well as every product of the pork butchery. Another protagonist of the exhibition market is indeed the ham Prosciutto di Norcia, marked with the IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) and the result of the antique Norcian craftsmen's experience in manufacturing and conservation of the salami and cold pork meats.
But at Norcia the surprises don't ever finish if we continue the gastronomic parade with the famous lentils Lenticchie di Castelluccio, the excellent cheeses, the spelt, the mushrooms and all other kinds of products offered by the Valnerina and brought out and made appreciated by the town of Norcia.
Other events in the town of Norcia
March: The Benedicine Celebrations - The anniversary of the death of San Benedetto da Norcia (21st March) is celebrated in the town with historical commemorations and processions.
Events_Norcia_country_houses December-March: Sibillini Eskimo - A considerable number of sports and excursion events organized by the surviving school ''Sibillini Adventure'' constitutes the winter activities from December to March.
Alpine and excursion guides place their experience at the tourists' disposal in order to allow easy excursions and visits on the charming snow-covered mountains of the Parco Nazionale dei Sibillini.
Events_Norcia_hotels June: The Literary Prize San Benedetto - It is a literary prize dedicated to the figure of San Benedetto, for which compete writers with works on freely chosen subjects and on those with a social background. During the prize-giving extracts of the finalist works are read out.
Events_Norcia_hotel June: The ''Fiorita'' - Spring at Castelluccio di Norcia gives life to all the colours of the rainbow on the Great Plain, when the flower carpets are blooming in the so called ''fiorita'', presenting to the eyes a sensational view. All the flowers on the plain open and each one takes part - like a little stone in a valuable mosaic - in the creation of the charming, coloured carpet under the open sky.
Events_Norcia_bed_and_breakfast July: Trekking at Castelluccio - For three days the plateau of Castelluccio di Norcia is the meeting place for the enthusiasts of trekking by foot or on mules or donkeys along the ways of the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini and of the Valnerina.
Events_Norcia_handicraft July-September: Musik'Estate - At Norcia, too, takes place the considerable program of the famous classical music festival which involves many communes in the province of Perugia and Terni.
Events_Norcia_typical_products December: The ''Fauni'' - This is a traditional event which has its roots in the pagan world and the folklore. On the squares of Norcia they light big and charming bonfires (the ''Fauni'', which means fauns) as propitiatory rite and to drive away the fears associated with the beginning of the winter season.
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