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I travel in the heart of the most secret and mysterious places of the underground Narni: the Room of the inquisition

At the end of the '70s the Spelaeologic Group UTEC of Narni discovered a net of underground places during a recognition in the Convent of San Domenico. It's the beginning moment from which emerges another reality, a secret and mysterious, dark and hidden reality, which has just recently begun to fascinate the visitors. Its opening to the public is dated 1994. Since then it's possible to admire the beauty remained for a long time submerged.

It's a group of environments that beginning from the subsoil of the complex of San Domenico showing a series of historical testimonies of notable interest. You departs from the Chiesa Rupestre, whose construction goes back to the XII-XIII century, devoted to San Michele Arcangelo, as is deduced by the frescos that decorate its walls realized in a time included between the XIII and the XV century. The annexed place is the Roman Cistern, for the rain water stocking. From here through a long and narrow burrow reaches the most anxious room of the circuit, where the Court of the inquisition acted. It's situated under the apse of the church of San Domenico, of square form and still introduces the signs of the tools used to torture. Of here the heretical suspicions passed, destined to suffer atrocious pains and long detentions. Connected to the Room of the Tortures is found in fact the Convicts Cell, a hole turned to "to host" the heretical suspected. The place is extremely suggestive, since the walls have entirely covered of signs and graffiti left by the convicts to perennial memory of their sad fate. Whole sentences, names and dark symbolic messages can be distinguished but that still today they have not been understood, scratched on the plaster by those people whom have wanted, even though in monogrammed form and hardly comprehensible, to leave a last certificate of faith in his own ideas and in the liberty of thought and expression.  
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