Last minute Narni: the Abbazia di San Cassiano 


Narni: the Abbazia di San Cassiano 

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Some of its peculiarities make it a really unique example in its kind. The plant of the Church of San Cassiano is a Greek cross, and the dominant style is Byzantine, in which there's the horseshoe arc, typical element of the oriental architecture.
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The ancient city of Narni - The city of Narni is without doubt one of the most fascinating and suggestive of whole Umbria. In its urban structure are integrated and melt wonderful Roman... Narni_the_Abbazia_di_San_Cassiano _country_houses
Narni_the_Abbazia_di_San_Cassiano _hotels The other Narni - At the end of the '70s the Spelaeologic Group UTEC of Narni discovered a net of underground places during a recognition in the Convent of San Domenico... Narni_the_Abbazia_di_San_Cassiano _hotel
Narni_the_Abbazia_di_San_Cassiano _bed_and_breakfast Formina, the Roman aqueduct of Narni - The Formina is a wide network of burrows and corridors realized in Roman epoch to the purpose to furnish constant water provisioning to the city of Narni. Th... Narni_the_Abbazia_di_San_Cassiano _handicraft
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