Last minute Formina, the Roman aqueduct of Narni


Formina, the Roman aqueduct of Narni

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The Formina is a wide network of burrows and corridors realized in Roman epoch to the purpose to furnish constant water provisioning to the city of Narni. The aqueduct is fed from six sources and it extends along a run of over 13 kilometres. It starts from a cistern situated near the village of Sant'Urbano, reaching the centre of the city and culminating in a huge tank of distribution. Other piping conduct to the great cistern that is found in the subsoil of Piazza Garibaldi, which the visitors can access through a stairway.  
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The ancient city of Narni - The city of Narni is without doubt one of the most fascinating and suggestive of whole Umbria. In its urban structure are integrated and melt wonderful Roman... Formina_the_Roman_aqueduct_of_Narni_country_houses
Formina_the_Roman_aqueduct_of_Narni_hotels The other Narni - At the end of the '70s the Spelaeologic Group UTEC of Narni discovered a net of underground places during a recognition in the Convent of San Domenico... Formina_the_Roman_aqueduct_of_Narni_hotel
Formina_the_Roman_aqueduct_of_Narni_bed_and_breakfast Narni: the Abbazia di San Cassiano  - Some of its peculiarities make it a really unique example in its kind. The plant of the Church of San Cassiano is a Greek cross, and the dominant style is Byzantine... Formina_the_Roman_aqueduct_of_Narni_handicraft
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